We have reliable sources of high-quality and CE certified and/or FDA registered manufacturers of personal and medical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment, including KN95, N95, 3-Ply masks, goggles, face shields, surgical gowns and non-contact infrared digital thermometers) for export.
Please send your email inquiries on PPE to: info@xmimt.com

我们经营出口优质个人或医疗用个人防护用品(包括多种KN95, N95和一次性口罩,防护眼镜,面罩,外科手术服和非接触红外线数码式体温仪。生产厂家均具有CE和/或FDA认证)。


Our sincerest gratitude and prayers to all the public health workers and medical professionals in the frontlines fighting against the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Intermittent Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Training Equipment 

(Made in Germany)



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