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May 5, 2018                                      2018年5月5日
An exclusive distributorship agreement has been signed by the executive of XMIMT and its new partner - CELLGYM Technologies GmbH (CELLGYM). XMIMT becomes the exclusive distributor in the markets of China Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao for their unique product of Gecko™ computer-controlled intermittent hypoxia/hyperoxia training (IHHT) equipment. In addition, XMIMT has also been granted non-exclusive rights for marketing and sales of these CellAir®(Gecko®)equipment and accessories in Taiwan (China), Republic of Korea, and Singapore.
The IHHT equipment may improve mitochondrial metabolism and beneficial remodeling in the body’s cells. The IHHT methods have been traditionally used in the fields of Sports Medicine, Aerospace Medicine, and Military Medicine, however, in recent decades the results from several clinical studies by researchers from Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, and USA have shown various benefits and improvements in alleviating symptoms or pathological changes of some common and difficult chronic diseases, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, ischemic heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and rehabilitation of acute spinal cord injury. This non-pharmacological rehabilitative/complementary therapy has a promising future and may be increasingly appreciated and tested by more healthcare providers.

For further information about IHHT methodology and CellAir® Gecko® equipment, please refer to our R&D webpage or email us at info@xmimt.com for obtaining the product brochure and list of medical publications.

对此新器械和间歇性低氧/高氧训练法有兴趣的客户请参考我公司的R&D 网页的学术资料或电邮至 info@xmimt.com 索取有关产品简介和医学文献目录。

February 7, 2018                             2018年2月7日
XMIMT has received the corporate registration certificate issued by the Xiamen Customs District of China as an authorized import/export customs declarance entity (Registration No. 3502339007).
厦门毅诺医疗科技有限公司获得中国厦门海关颁发的进出口报关单位注册登记证书 (海关注册编码:3502339007)。

August 7, 2017                                2017年8月7日
An exclusive distributorship agreement has been signed in Plymouth, United Kingdom by the executives of XMIMT and its new partner - Knight Scientific Limited (KSL). XMIMT becomes the exclusive distributor in the Chinese market for the unique ABEL™ (Analysis By Emitted Light) range of chemiluminescence test kits for free radical and oxidative stress research.
We are now able to provide one-stop solutions for quantitatively and selectively measuring the reactivity of materials, including natural products, to major types of reactive oxygen species (ROS) including:  superoxide, halogenated oxidants, peroxynitrite, and hydroxyl radicals. This type of specific antioxidant capacity is essential to the understanding of redox biology and its widespread implications in health and diseases of plants, animals, and humans. 
Also included in the British product line are the ABEL™ cell activation test kits for measuring superoxide produced by the NADPH oxidase (also known as the oxidative burst) of leucocytes. The kit can be used with capillary blood diluted 1:1000 as well as very small numbers of isolated and cultured cells. These assay kits contain the most sensitive detector of superoxide at physiological pH in the world.  
XMIMT has also been granted non-exclusive rights for marketing and sales of these KSL biochemical products in Japan, Republic of Korea, and Singapore.

我公司的共同创始人于2017年7月底在英国普利茅斯与新合作伙伴Knight Scientific Limited (KSL)签署了一个独家代理协议。该协议确认了我公司在中国市场独家代理KSL公司独创生产的ABEL™系列用于自由基和氧化应激研究的化学发光测试仪器和试剂盒产品。我们现在能够提供一站式的解决方案用于定量和特选性检测各类生物活性物质(包括天然植物制品)里的诸类活性氧族ROS,其中包括:过氧化物,卤氧化素,过氧亚硝酸盐和羟基。此类特定性的抗氧化能力评估对于理解氧化还原生物学及其广泛涉及的植物,动物和人类的健康和疾病过程都是必不可少的。

​April 3, 2017                                   2017年4月3日
The co-founders of XMIMT traveled to Europe in late March, 2017 and negotiated with a reputable German medical technology/equipment company. A provisional agreement for collaboration was successfully signed following the meeting. The primary goal of the agreement is to establish XMIMT as an exclusive distributorship covering the market territories of China (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan), Singapore, and Republic of Korea. We will also manufacture, research and develop, and sell the German brand series equipment and devices. We greatly appreciate this excellent opportunity via successful cooperation to distribute a line of highly innovative German technologies and devices for a potentially broad use in treatment and rehabilitation of various major chronic diseases in near future.

December 12, 2016                  2016年12月12日
XMIMT has completed international trade (import/export) corporate registration (File No. 02895194)

厦门毅诺医疗完成对外贸易(进出口)经营者备案登记 (登记表号:02895194)

November 18, 2016                  2016年11月18日
Official establishment and issued business license of XMIMT as a Sino-American joint-ventured company in the Xiamen Hi-Tech Venture Park (Xiang An), Xiamen, Fujian, China